Here are these questions:

1 The Ukrainian authorities have identified the perpetrators of the crash instantly, of course, in their opinion, this are the people’s defenders of the New Russia (Novorossia). What lies at the basis of these conclusions?

2 Can the official Kyiv to report all the details of the use of systems "Buk" in the combat area? And the most importantly why are these systems deployed by the armed forces of Kiev if the defenders of the people did not have the planes?

3 What are the reasons for the inaction of the Ukrainian authorities on the formation of the international Commission, when will it start? The international community was waiting for this. Why appeared the Commission ICAO on the scene of the crash only on the 15th day? It was instead of 4 hours of ICAO Charter.

4 Are the representatives of the armed forces of Ukraine ready to present for the international experts the Documents on accounting missile of class "air-air" and "earth-air" in the ammunition anti-aircraft missiles? This is a very important question that will help us to determine what systems were used against Malaysian Boeing.

5 Will the Data of the means of the objective control on the movement of the Ukrainian Air Force aircraft on the day of the tragedy submit to the International Commission?

6 Why had the Ukrainian dispatchers made the deviation of the aircraft to the North, towards the so-called anti-terrorist operation carried out by official Kiev against the people of the South-East of their country?

7 Why was not entirely closed to the civilian aircraft the airspace over the combat zone? It is especially because the field of radar navigation was not continuous in this area. 

8 Whether can the official Kyiv today to comment on message in social networks allegedly from the Spanish Manager, working in Ukraine, which say  that downed Boeing was accompanied by two Ukrainian military aircraft?

9 Why had the security service of Ukraine started works with records of negotiations Ukrainian managers with the crew of the Boeing and data of the Ukrainian radars without international representatives? The security service of Ukraine did not have any rights on such works.

10 How were taken into account lessons from previous similar catastrophe Russian Tu -154 over the Black sea? Then the leadership of Ukraine denied involvement in the armed forces of Ukraine to this tragedy until the last moment, and only after that as we have presented the hard facts, we proved who the true culprits are in this tragedy. This is Ukraine.



* Russian diplomat Anatoly Antonov commented on the recent statements of Western politicians. According to him, "all this looks like a continuation of the information war, which deployed against Russia for many months; and we are feel the consequences of this war".

*By the way, earlier and Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin asked almost the same questions: "I am sure, the every normal person ask first of all the question, why had the Ukrainian air traffic controllers sent a passenger aircraft in a combat zone?"


Kiev is shifting the blame on the people’s defenders of the New Russia (Novorossia) and Russia, but he blame HIMSELF!

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